Jaggery VS Sugar

Once upon a time, long long ago, jaggery and sugar got into a flight, sugar would say, "Look at me, I am so fair, I blend so well, I don't leave my color behind". Jaggery being the cool composed ingredient, warned sugar for his racist comment and said "Lets take opinions from our consumers." Sugar said "Fair enough, consumer is the God".
They first went to the eldest member of the family, the grandmother, and they univocally said "Who do u think is better?"
Dadi said, “You know when Dadaji used to work in the farms he would come back home and eat a cube of jaggery as it would cleanse the system” and little shyly she said, “when ever we would get into a fight I would make the jaggery payasam to cheer him up.”
Sugar said, “Age has taken a toll on her memory, like she would remember what happened decades earlier.”
Jaggery said, “No no, my ancestors have said that they very popular as ingredient to aid digestion.”
Sugar, “I would believe a more recent opinion, that was quite outdated.”
So they decided to go to the youngest daughter of the house, she belonged to the generation Z and they asked who was better. She got so excited, finally someone wants my opinion in this house, “I used to think jaggery tasted not good but when I recently tried the jaggery based Marmalade that mom got from FOI foods, I realized what a myth I was living under.”
Sugar, “What do these kids know, I want an expert opinion!”
“If you have forgotten, daddy is a doctor let's take his opinion” said jaggery with an ear to ear smile  “Dad, which one of us is better?”
Well I don’t want to be partial so I would just list the facts, “Sugar dear, one teaspoon of you reduces the immunity by 50% for two hours, which is very risky in the present scenario” and “Jaggery dear you very generously add some zinc and potassium to the food, without compromising on the immunity. Now you guys are smart enough to understand who is better.”
Jaggery very humbly said, “why leave the mother behind she is the one who got both of us into the house.”
The moment she saw them, “Sugar, hie when did u come?” Quite shocked, he said, “I have always been there.”
“No dear, you are highly processed, you are full of chemicals and you are only empty calories, I cannot expose my children to you.”
Sugar burst out laughing, “Ha ha ha, you can throw me out of the house, but how will you stop me from entering through your ketchup bottle, ha ha ha!”
Just when he was basking in his glory mom opened the refrigerator and took out the bottle of “FOI Tomato Ketchup” by FOI and to sugar's surprise everyone loved it.
Jaggery said, “Brother I guess it's time for us to part, sayonara!”
And since that day, sugar never came back to the house, and jaggery and the family lived happily ever after.