Our Story

When it comes to food, our choices completely rely on sources we can trust and we're as good as the food we eat. As health-conscious individuals, we ought to be careful about our eating habits. It's high time we start prioritizing those food items which add nutritional value and/or are not detrimental to our overall health. 

Launched in January 2021 by Rohan and Rohit  Agarwal, FOI Foods is an extraordinary venture that is determined to change the food habits of the current generation one person at a time by bringing healthy food on every plate. Interestingly, FOI in Spanish means trust. The brand aims to create a sincere bond of trust with its customers by offering nutritious, sugar-free, toxin-free, minimally processed food, thus filling up a huge lacuna in healthy eating habits.

When tragedy gives birth to a noble idea!

Though Rohan and Rohit were engaged in a successful family business, the young entrepreneurs wanted to do something different. Usually pain changes people. Having seen a loved one go through cancer and experiencing the difficulty in getting her healthier alternatives to regular food, they realized the need to give people an option of FOIFULL living. 

Also, the ongoing pandemic made them pause and shift focus on fulfilling the dream of creating a healthier and sustainable food brand. That’s how FOI came into being.

Why we do what we do!

While the market is inundated with a wide range of healthy snacking options, most companies conveniently ignore to look into the quality of ketchups, jams and marmalades - products that add much-needed zing to the otherwise-plain snacks. These products are mostly loaded with sugar. In fact, one humble sachet of ketchup contains 2 tsp of sugar. 

Thankfully FOI products are loaded with goodness of DATES and are devoid of harmful toxins and sugar. In Covid era, only immunity can save you. While sugar kills your immunity, dates helps to build it. The choice cannot be any simpler.

With its heart in the right place, FOI Foods can only grow bigger and bigger. The brand started with just 10 products, about 20 more products are in the pipeline and each product will be a healthy alternative to daily food.

In another 2 years the brand aspires to be present in all major Kirana stores across India and in another five years, the brand is determined to be synonymous with health and trust.

Started with condiments like sauces and jams, FOI foods is venturing into healthy snacks and beverages.